Our sales program

  • Euro disel imported
  • Euro disel NIS
  • Oil fuel S
  • Oil fuel NSGS from domestic processing
  • Oil fuel NSGS from import
  • Bitumen from domestic processing
  • Bitumen from import

In this regard, EVOLUCIJA 2004 can offer to the market about 60,000 MT of various derivatives, imported or produced on domestic market, at favorable conditions to both present and future partners.

The company Evolucija 2004 doo, after the ten-year existence on the Serbian market as one of the most renowned importers and retailers, from June 2016. introduced the new product in its product range Diesel Evolution that is the perfect combination of superior European gas producers Mol, Hungary with the additive of the latest generation, the prestigious European manufacturers Innospec from Great Britain.

The use of Diesel Evolution comes to prevent contamination of the problem nozzles for fuel injection in diesel engines, and additives POWERGUARD ™ improves the quality of driving, boost the economy and reduces emission of greenhouse gas emissions.

Additived fuel Diesel Evolution provides protection against corrosion and does not cause the formation of fog in “wet” fuel injection systems.

In addition, Diesel Evolution significantly reduces the tendency of creating foam.

As the most important trait Diesel Evolution fuels, its advantages in terms of quality diesel, include increasing the number of cetanskog and HQ.